Total.js: Incubators, partners and sponsors

We're currently looking for sponsors and partners. Contact us if you or your company is interested in sponsorship / partnership with Total.js platform. Be our part and support this great platform for a better future.


We want to support all incubators worldwide who are using our Total.js platform. We offer our knowledge and best practices to create apps for different Web/IoT cases. We would be happy to promote all start-ups who are using Total.js.

Our team and our partners have a lot of experience in developing:

  • web apps
  • IoT apps like data-processing, controlling of devices, etc.
  • e-commerce apps
  • hybrid mobile apps
  • real-time apps
  • REST services

Do you want to provide an incubator?
Be our part and contact us. We'll add info about the incubator on our website


Become a Total.js partner. We will share business opportunities with all our business partners under two conditions only:

  • be a premium company member
  • have several apps written in Total.js platform in a good quality

Do you meet our conditions? We'll add info about your company on our website and our partnership can get started. Just contact us.


Sponsors are a very important part of us because they help us to grow our community. Become our sponsor and support a better IT future. Our solution and products can heal, catch criminals, educate people, sell products and services, connect people worldwide, control IoT devices, watch weather - animals - stars, warn people, create a joy, be fun, exciting and much more as you can imagine.

Total.js platform is used everywhere:

  • ordinary life
  • health service
  • industries
  • smart cities
  • police
  • education
  • financial service
  • e-commerce
  • music
  • sport
  • government
  • religion
  • and much more!

Total.js platform is green. Green means economic, cutting costs, preserving nature, a benefit for all of us. Become green too and be our sponsor.

Are you interested? Contact us: